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Korte's Law

Copyright 2000 Lloyd Rieber

Click here to run the Korte's Law Experiment.

NOTE: This will run on both Macintosh and Windows, but it is optimized for Windows. Macintosh users will experience minor font problems.

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CAI Format: Interactive experiment

Instructional Objectives: The learner will be able to demonstrate the principles of Korte's law which account for the illusion of apparent motion.

Intended Audience: Graduate education students, though the demonstration is suitable for people as young as middle school students.

Brief Description: This program gives the user the opportunity to investigate the illusion of apparent motion. Apparent motion is the basis for all forms of computer animation. Korte's law states that two separate displays will appear as one display in motion when the following three factors are properly synchronized: 1) the light intensity of two separate displays; 2) the time between projection of the separate displays; and 3) the spatial distance between the separate displays. This demonstration gives the user control over the second and third factors.

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