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Super Hero

Copyright 2000 Lloyd Rieber

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NOTE: This will run on both Macintosh and Windows, but it is optimized for Windows. Macintosh users will experience minor font problems.

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Brief Description: I developed this game for my son Thomas, a young man with some very special needs (pervasive developmental disorder). First, I wanted to make a game that he would understand -- he has long had great difficulty understanding the concept of game. Even something as simple of kicking a ball back and forth -- that you should try to kick it to your partner and then wait for the ball to be kicked back to you -- is difficult for him to grasp. Wanting to play the game is critical, so I chose some game characters that he has found very motivating over the years: Power Rangers and Star Wars. (Yes, I apologize to George Lucas in advance!) The game's design also includes my reconciliation with the violent aspect of Power Rangers and Star Wars. In this game, one can always choose to avoid conflict. However, I accept the fact that "doing battle" is a large part of the interest for most people interested in these story contexts.

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