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EDIT 6170 Introduction to Instructional Design

Summer, 2004

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Online Survival Guide
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EDIT 6170 Refrigerator Slides. I went ahead and bundled a very select few PPT slides; slides so important, I think they're worth sticking on your refrigerator.
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Lloyd's Team Advice. Here are the PPT slides I used as I gave advice to all teams about how to organize yourselves to do the team project.
Last updated June 25, 2004

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Class notes
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Grades have been submitted (you can view your grade in WebCT). I emailed each team with feedback about their team project.

Course Evaluations

Click here to go to the COE course evaluation form. This is the official course evaluation that gets submitted to COE administration. (If this were a face-to-face class, I would be passing out number 2 pencils at this point!) This evaluation will be active until July 12.

In addition, I have prepared my own course evaluation to give everyone the opportunity to give me detailed feedback on each aspect of the course. Everyone can complete this with complete assurance of anonymity. I won't know who you are unless you write something to divulge your identity. Click here to go to Lloyd's Supplemental Course Evaluation. This supplemental evaluation will be active until July 15.

Here are the web sites I've been mentioning in class:

Stuff related to "Alternative Approaches to ISD":

Some good places to search for educational materials:

Some interesting examples of online educational resources (only some are truly instructional):

Here are some good WebQuest links:

Michael Grant's article about project-based learning and his Holocaust WebQuest -

A link to a copy of my PowerPoint presentations used in the Impatica presentations can be found on the course schedule on the syllabus.

If you had any problems with HorizonLive, please email Sean Hessenthaler ( with a copy to me. From here on, you should use the same computer when you attend class. If you need to use another computer, be sure to run the HorizonLive Wizard at least one day in advance of class to test that computer's compatibility with HL.

Everyone has Presenter Access in the HorizonLive breakout rooms. Click here for a job aid on how to upload PowerPoint files to a breakout room and how to use some of the other presenter features. I'm sure you'll find these presenter features useful.

Links to copies of my PowerPoint presentations for the DCC chapters can be found on the course schedule on the syllabus.

Here is a copy of a course evaluation I will everyone to complete at the end of the course -- it may be good to know about this now.

Click here for some advice on troubleshooting problems with viewing the Impatica presentations.