Lloyd's LiveCode Workshop Center

Lloyd's Introduction to Coding for Mere Mortals Using LiveCode

Getting Ready for the Workshop

You must bring your own laptop with LiveCode already installed:

IMPORTANT! Be sure to download the most “stable” release of version 8, which I believe is version 8.1.6.

There are versions of LiveCode for Mac, Windows, and Linux. This is not a trial and it is not a limited version — it is the full programming tool. (The only limitation is that you cannot submit your apps to Apple’s app store. I'll explain all about that at the workshop.) Note that there is also a commercial version of LiveCode at livecode.com that is not free. However, all work done with the free version will work in the commercial version if you eventually choose to purchase it.

First Projects

Are you anxious to try out LiveCode right away? Here are a few very simple projects that you can explore. The focus of each is how to code (aka program) in LiveCode. The first one - Mad Libs - is the best one to try first because I give a little extra information about the LiveCode interface in a video tutorial. The other "first projects" assume you have completed the Mad Libs project.

LiveCode Mini-Projects

These are meant to give you some quick examples of specific programming concepts.

Other Workshop Projects

LiveCode Scripting Challenges

These are good exercises to complete after the workshop to practice and extend your new LiveCode scripting skills.

Creating Mobile Apps with LiveCode

Other Workshop Notes

A Sampling of Other Projects

Other Resources

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