Lloyd's Collection of

Exemplary Student Projects

This is one of the newest sections on NowhereRoad.com. My goal is to highlight exemplary work of our students here at the University of Georgia. My criteria are very subjective — it's what I like! (Hey, it's my web site.) But, look for examples here of projects that creatively exploit the interactive opportunities of computers while triggering the play phenomenon in the user. I also want to highlight projects that take into account the current limitations of Internet delivery systems as well as activities that lend themselves to creative and flexible integration by teachers and learners into their educational practices. So, the projects showcased here will generally be small, both in kilobytes and time to complete. (We have many excellent large scale team projects being produced in our graduate program, but they will not be highlighted here due to this reason.) Hence, these are projects that a teacher or learner could use easily as part of a lesson. This is consistent with my beliefs about the need to provide teachers and learners with a repository of interactive modules across all subject areas. (See my essay on on the WWILD team concept for more information.)


Numbers All Around by Sam Winward - This is a simple math game for 1 or 2 players using three dice and basic arithmetic skills. It's very addictive!
Kachink-a-Change by Suzanne Elbon -This game gives you practice on how to give change by letting you pretend you are a shop owner.
Monetary Policy Game by Rick McAfee -This simulation lets the user become the Director of the U.S. Federal Reserve.The object of the game is to provide the United States' banking system with moderate growth of the money supply.