Nowhere Road - The Game 1.0

In this game, you assume the role of a mild-mannered professor who likes to bike to work. You live in rural Georgia (the Sanford Community of Hull, to be exact) and need to get to work at the University of Georgia in Athens. Sounds idyllic, sounds simple. But, surprisingly, this is not a very bike-friendly place. Nowhere Road, though beautiful and interesting, is narrow with lots of curves. Motorists don't expect bicyclists and those mean country dogs look forward to a challenge every morning. Your troubles only get worse when arriving in Athens. You'd think a college town like Athens would be a friendly place to ride a bike. Far from it. On top of it all, like most professor-types, you are almost always running a little late with a lot to think about. Not a good combination. Will you get to work on time, without getting bit, run over, or emotionally scarred for life? Will you be able to enjoy the eccentricities of Nowhere Road without landing in a ditch or ending up in the hospital? We'll see. Choosing to follow some key bicycle safety principles will help.

Are you interested in how this game was made?

The programming tool I used was Authorware 5 Attain by Macromedia. Check out The Making of "Nowhere Road -- The Game" to learn more about the story of the game's design.

Check out Getting Interactive with Authorware 5: Building Simulations and Games to learn more about a book I've written that shows how to create other simulations and games.